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Welcome to my movie graveyard! A place where I can dig up films that belong in categories best described as old, cheap, classic, cheezy and even pretty bad; and then visit them once again through the modern miracle that is DVD. Occasionally, films that may be considered "new" will be unearthed here, but for the most part I like the classics. And just who am I? I am Shadow, the guy who haunts the place and the caretaker of these cinematic treasures from ages past. I’m also a guy who has never really grown up. So grab a bag of popcorn and join me...

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Latest reviews:

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Captain Sinbad sails to an island full of monsters on a quest to save his beloved princess, coping with an evil magician's schemes along the way.

Curse of Bigfoot

A high school class watches horror movies, hears tales about Bigfoot and is subjected to a flashback account of a high school archaeology field trip gone horribly awry in this mess of a film.

Earth vs. the Flying Saucers

A scientist must race against the clock to devise a means of defense after aliens in a fleet of flying saucers announce their intention to conquer the earth.

Without Warning

A seven foot tall alien arrives on Earth to hunt his favorite prey: horny young people and testy old country folk.

The Deadly Mantis

A volcanic erruption awakens a gigantic mantis that has been frozen in the arctic ice for millions of years and which promptly goes on a rampage, eating everyone it comes across.

King Dinosaur

Four morons, including a raging misogynist, travel by rocket to a new planet that has entered the solar system, encountering stock footage animals and some giant reptiles when they arrive.

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

A pair of young people run afoul of the living dead, closed-minded cops and a wacky new insect-destroying machine while in the English countryside.

From Hell It Came

On a South Pacific island, a native wrongly put to death by his tribe vows to return from the grave to seek revenge, a feat he accomplishes in the form of a walking tree thanks to the radiation from an atomic bomb test.

The Raiders of Atlantis

A diverse group of people must contend with the an army of murderous morons when the lost island of Atlantis rises from the ocean depths, in this Italian-made epic.

The Boogens

The efforts to re-open a Colorado silver mine closed for the past 70 years unleash a horde of carnivorous turtle-like monsters on the unsuspecting population, including a group of horny young people.

Psychic Killer

A man who is wrongly imprisoned inherits the ability to project his psychic force across large distances, allowing him to seek revenge on those whom he feels has wronged him.

Destination Inner Space

A Navy officer and a group of scientists trapped at an isolated underwater base must confront a deadly visitor from another world.

Killers From Space

A scientist is kidnapped by bug-eyed aliens and hypnotized into aiding them in their plans for global conquest.

The Blood Beast Terror

A 19th century English police detective investigates a series of murders where all the victims have been drained of blood, uncovering one scientist’s dark secret and the deadly creature he is protecting.

Night Fright

A government rocket carrying mutated animals crashes near a small Texas community, releasing the biggest and meanest beast of the bunch, which promptly goes on a killing rampage.

Curse of the Faceless Man

The mummy-like body of a slave killed in ancient Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted, is unearthed in modern times where it promptly begins walking around and terrorizing people.

The Snow Creature

A botanist manages to bag a Yeti while exploring the Himalayas and brings it back to Los Angeles, where the beast escapes and goes on one of the lamest monster rampages ever committed to the silver screen.


Scientists hoping to find a way to feed Earth's growing population accidentally create a giant tarantula that wanders through the Arizona desert, eating people and livestock, while growing larger every day.


An offshore oil rig unleashes the mother of all sharks when it drills into a previously unknown cavern deep beneath the ocean floor.

Hunchback of the Morgue

A hunchback pines for his deceased love, while aiding a mad scientist in his less than legal experiments.





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